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Fixing Memory Fragmentation with a Different Allocation Strategy

Tweaking your VM’s options for memory allocation may help.
 You will likely need to have a good understanding of what your type of memory load and usage is, and be ready to do a lot of in-depth testing. The recon_alloc module contains a few helper functions to provide guidance, and the module’s documentation 22 should be read at this point.
 You will need to figure out what the average data size is, the frequency of allocation and deallocation, whether the data fits in mbcs or sbcs, and you will then need to try playing with a bunch of the options mentioned in recon_alloc, try the different strategies, deploy them, and see if things improve or if they impact times negatively.
 This is a very long process for which there is no shortcut, and if issues happen only every few months per node, you may be in for the long haul.