Stuff Goes Bad:Erlang In Anger

Raw Erlang(原生态)

If you encounter a raw Erlang code base, you’re pretty much on your own. These rarely follow any specific standard, and you have to dive in the old way to fi gure out whatever happens in there.
This means hoping for a file or something similar that can point to an entry point in the application, and going from there, or hoping for some contact information that can be used to ask questions to the author(s) of the library.
Fortunately, you should rarely encounter raw Erlang in the wild, and they are often beginner projects, or awesome projects that were once built by Erlang beginners and now need a serious rewrite. In general, the advent of tools such as rebar1 made it so most people use OTP Applications.

 但值得庆幸的是,你几乎不会遇到这种Raw Erlang 代码,这种代码基本上都是项目最初阶段创建的,或由Erlang初学者创建的需要重写的代码。 一般而言,有了类似Rebar1的工具后,绝大多数的人都使用OTP Applications。

[1] — a build tool briefly introduced in Chapter 2

[注1]: 会在chapter 2中介绍