Stuff Goes Bad:Erlang In Anger


Review Questions

[1]. How can you choose where a crash dump will be generated?
[2]. What are common avenues to explore if the crash dump shows that the node ran out of memory?
[3]. What should you look for if the process count is suspiciously low?
[4]. If you find the node died with a process having a lot of memory, what could you do to find out which one it was?

[1]: 怎么指定crash dump生成的路径?
[2]: 如果一个节点耗尽了内存,应该去查看那一些crash dump里面常见的指标?
[3]: 如果你发现了一个节点死于一个进程占用了大量的内存,你怎么找出这个进程?


Using the analysis of a crash dump in Section 6.1:
[1]. What are specific outliers that could point to an issue?
[2]. Does it look like repeated errors are the issue? If not, what could it be?

使用章节6.1中关于crash dump的分析:
[2]:这个问题可以重现么? 如果不能,是什么导致它的?