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Library Applications

Library applications will usually have modules named appname _something, and one module named appname . This will usually be the interface module that’s central to the library and contains a quick way into most of the functionality provided.
By looking at the source of the module, you can figure out how it works with little effort: If the module adheres to any given behaviour (gen_server, gen_fsm, etc.), you’re most likely expected to start a process under one of your own supervisors and call it that way.
If no behaviour is included, then you probably have a functional, stateless library on your hands. For this case, the module’s exported functions should give you a quick way to understand its purpose.

 Library application通常会有一些叫appname_XXX和一个叫appname的模块名组成,他们通常是连接libary核心的接口模块,或提供搞定大部分功能的便捷函数。
 如果没有包括behaviour, 这些代码很可能是一个没有状态信息(stateless)的函数工具库,对于这种情况,这个模块导出的函数是为了让你快速地理解它们。