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OTP Releases

OTP releases are not a lot harder to understand than most OTP applications you’ll encounter in the wild. A release is a set of OTP applications packaged in a production-ready manner so it boots and shuts down without needing to manually call application:start/2 for any app.
Of course there’s a bit more to releases than that, but generally, the same discovery process used for individual OTP applications will be applicable here. You’ll usually have a file similar to the configuration files used by systools or reltool, which will state all applications part of the release and a few 8 options regarding their packaging.
To understand them, I recommend reading existing documentation on them. If you’re lucky, the project may be using relx 9, an easier tool that was officially released in early 2014.

 OTP releases 理解起来并不比你遇到的OTP applications难。一个release就是使用量产(production-ready)方式打包的一组OTP applications,所以它的启动和关闭都不需要手动去调用application:start/2.
 当然,release 还有做得更多一点,但通常来讲, 你在OTP applications中的机制同样适用release. 你通常会配置一些类似的文件,供systools或reltool使用(记录所有applications关于release的部分和一些选项8)。

[8] A lot