Stuff Goes Bad:Erlang In Anger

Too Many Ports

Similarly to the process count, the port count is simple and mostly useful when you know your usual values 7.
A high count may be the result of overload, Denial of Service attacks, or plain old resource leaks. Looking at the type of port leaked (TCP, UDP, or files) can also help reveal if there was contention on specific resources, or if the code using them is just wrong.

 同进程数(Process count)相类似,如果你知道系统正常时的平均端口数(port count),那么端口数也是一个简单但非常有用的指标。  如果端口数太多,可能是超负荷造成的,被攻击了(Denial of Service attacks),或普通的资源泄漏。可以通过查看端口泄露的类型(TCP,UDP,files)来判断是否有某个资源被多个进程所竞争。或者是只是用到他们的代码出错了。

[7] See subsection 5.1.4 for details